Picking Coverage for Car Insurance Quotes

What types of coverage should you request with car insurance quotes? And how much (dollar amount) do you need?

2 Different Methods of Choosing Coverage Needs

The first option has to do with minimizing premiums. For this, you need to find the bare minimum coverage necessary to meet your needs. So what are you needs?

Start by assessing assets that you need to protect. What is your vehicle worth and will you need to replace it, or could you stand to let it go? How much liability coverage do you need to stop you losing your home in a lawsuit? Do you have a lot of passengers to protect? If so, you need enough coverage for them. Do you have good health insurance? Do your passengers? If not, consider getting Medical Payments coverage.

The other option is to set a maximum price you can afford and look around to maximize the amount of coverage you can get for that money. First, figure out what you can actually afford to spend on car insurance. Then, select the coverage types that meet your needs and the ones you can rule out. Next, search car insurance quotes putting in numbers that you think might meet your needs. You can also play around with the deductibles on the car insurance quotes to maximize coverage while reducing premiums.

Most people tend to settle for a happy medium between these two, paying a bit more than they need to but getting more peace of mind in return. Being secure is important, mentally, physically, and financially. Balance these out.

Is the state minimum enough?

Rarely is this the case. Most people have assets to protect. If you don't plan on replacing the vehicle should it be totaled (or if it is worth less than a year of car insurance), but you also have good health insurance already, then perhaps you can get away with the state minimum. Just make sure that you won't be vulnerable to lawsuits, in which you could lose any property you own and even be forced to sacrifice future income.


Try getting car insurance quotes with different coverage packages to see the price difference. For many people, there is more than one way to meet needs. Perhaps you can afford to get real health insurance if you drop Medical Payments coverage. Perhaps you can save up for a new car rather than buying Collision and Comprehensive packages. Enter different options into the car insurance quotes.