Vehicle-Ownership Tips with Car Insurance Quotes

Things to Keep in Your Car At All Times

1. License, Registration, Proof of Insurance

You'll need this for if you get pulled over for a traffic violation or if you get into an accident. A lot of people tend to have anxiety about these things, so being prepared is important to reacting well. Keep your license, registration, and proof of insurance together in an envelope in the vehicle in a designated area, like the glove compartment.

2. Sunglasses

Summer suns can be blinding and winter snows even worse. You don't want to be struggling with the visor or squinting or covering your eyes with your hand when in traffic. You need to be alert and prepared as a driver at all times, and sunglasses are an important part of that. Keep a pair in your vehicle, just in case you forget.

3. Emergency Kit

Be prepared for an emergency by keeping one package full of everything you might need:

– Tools (a multitool works well)
– Fix-a-flat
– Flashlight with extra batteries
– Polyester blanket
– Rain poncho
– Jumper cables
– Bungee cords, at least 2
– Tow rope
– Duct tape
– Repair guide
– Food and water, nonperishable

4. First Aid Kit

Be prepared to address on-the-spot emergency health concerns. Some of the things you'll need are latex gloves, gauze, scissors, absorbent compresses, cloth tape, bandages, cold compress, tweezers, thermometers, and a FIRST AID INSTRUCTION BOOKLET. Of course, you can buy a ready-made roadside first aid kit.

5. Spare Tires

Having two is a good idea. And a tire iron!

6. Camera

Be prepared to take pictures of the vehicle positions immediately following a collision to protect yourself.

Improve Your Vehicle and Still Save Money

Some features and improvements you make to your vehicle will be quickly offset by insurance savings. Ask your insurance provider first if they will give you discounts for the items below. If they don't, get some car insurance quotes and find someone who will. Couple these savings with car insurance quotes to get a real bargain and a safer, more comfortable car.

– Rear-view cameras
– Additional airbags
– Anti-theft devices
– Alarm
– Black box, tracking chip, OnStar
– Additional mirrors
– Lo-jack

Some of these cost more than others, but it will be worth it in the long-term.