Using Information From Life Science Publishing (LSP) to Help Reduce Work-Related Stress

People generally spend more time indoors now than they ever did throughout history. That means less time in natural light, breathing fresh air, and smelling the scents of various plants. Essential oils provide a way to recreate the experience of having natural plant fragrances indoors. Detailed Information about these products is available from Life Science Publishing, commonly referred to as LSP.

Outdoor Scents

Some individuals stuck in an office 40 or more hours a week may long for the fragrance of spruce, pine, cedar or other trees. Evergreen trees, in particular, are known for the scent of essential oils, and the delightful aroma becomes obvious as someone walks through a forest featuring this greenery. Other people want to smell fresh flowers but can’t have any in the office. They may appreciate oils from roses, lilac, jasmine, or any of the myriad of fragrances available in this form.

After-Work Relaxation

Stress in the workplace is nothing new. Being able to go home and spend a little time unwinding with the help of aromatherapy from essential oils is beneficial. The person can set up the diffuser with a favorite scent known for its relaxation properties, then meditate, read a chapter in an uplifting book, or simply sit in peace and quiet. This is a healthier option than drinking alcohol or eating junk food in an effort to calm down from the anxiety-provoking workday.


Research on aromatherapy for various emotional and physical problems is still in the early stages. Nevertheless, several studies have shown that certain essential oils have calming effects and are useful for mood improvement. Lavender is one that research has verified as helpful for these purposes. Jasmine, valerian, citrus bergamot and chamomile are others.


Some research has focused specifically on aromatherapy that is helpful for work-related stress. In addition to a session immediately upon arriving home, the individual also can spray a bit of the oil on a piece of fabric in the bedroom to help with sleep. Keeping a small sachet in one’s work desk or purse allows the chance to inhale the scent for a few minutes during a work break.

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